Understanding the art of expressing opinions through silencing

Expressing Thoughts and Feelings Effectively By Exforsys on May 22, People Skills The ability to deliver thoughts and feelings towards other people effectively is an important aspect of communicate.

Understanding the art of expressing opinions through silencing

Tweet There is a unique quality in human beings, which gives them an edge over all the other creations of God -the ability to express their feelings. Expressing feelings or emotions is a simple way to understand information for, and about, us. The art of expressing emotions need to be taught, at least to those who have problem in understand their own feelings.

But it often happens that, even through personal interactions, people are not able to express their feelings completely.

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Dealing with emotions is nothing but really allowing oneself to feel the emotions as and when they arise within us. When we feel angry, we should allow ourselves to feel that anger, and vent it out in some form or the other, without causing any harm to others, or oneself. Some well known ways to do this are punching a pillow, martial arts, hitting the ground with your cricket bat or badminton racket.

But, if you are not comfortable with any of these, then there is a better alternative — penning your feelings down, or the modern alternative — typing your emotions! When you search for words to express your emotions, you get in touch with your real feelings.

Understanding the art of expressing opinions through silencing

Those who have a better understanding of their feelings, have better ways of coping up with both positive as well as negative emotions. It is often said that the head and the heart should work together to take better decisions.

The reason is that the heart feels emotional thinkerwhereas the head thinks logical thinker. And when the heart feels, nothing is bad or wrong. The sole objective of the heart is to Love everything that comes its way, even the negative emotions.Art and Fear adds considerably to his discussions of departure, in these two essays on 'A Pitiless Art' and 'Silence on Trial' Virilio broadens his earlier the sphere of contemporary art.

Through offering his Christian assistance to the homeless of post Second World War Paris, while. In its traditional understanding rooted in Enlightenment, networks and news environments raises concerns about the homogeneity versus heterogeneity of information and opinions to which users are exposed through these media: Expected sanctions for expressing minority opinions in offline and online communication.

Oct 11,  · The Art of Expressing Yourself October 11, August 16, Angry Foreigner , censorship, expressing yourself, how to be a good speaker, how to get better at expressing yourself, mind control, political correctness, racist, speaking. Art is the primary bond of mediation between the external world of the senses and the medium of pure thought and understanding.

It could be objected that art was unworthy, being of the world of appearances and its deceptions. This need runs through everything up to the level of art. Encouraging Self-Expression Through Art By Grace Hwang Lynch.

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Craft stores may be filled with coloring books, craft kits and precut models, but some of the best ways to foster creativity require. Self-Portraits: Expressing Emotion Through Art I don’t particularly enjoy talking about my feelings, not unless there’s a punch line involved. I am happy to express my emotions in the context of a good joke or self deprecation, but the second we cross into “oh wait, she’s serious” territory I awkwardly start to panic.

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