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Joe schneller bentwood writing services

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On a class trip, a student burst into my room flushed with excitement, proudly showing off the jar full of fireflies that she had just caught.

They played musical chairs and patty-cake and seemed to enjoy them more than we did when we played them as youngsters. Theirs was a beautiful innocence that was extraordinary to watch. My days spent in their homes are some of my fondest memories of my two years in China. If I thought that the Chinese were reserved in any way, it was simply because I had never visited their homes.

They are generous in a way I have never seen before, killing a chicken for our dinner, going to the market to buy what they know I liked, setting no limits on what they should do to make me feel comfortable, happy, and respected.

They gave up their beds, borrowed a car to take me to local scenic spots, offered me gifts all along the way, and of course, took countless photographs to be able to remember this noteworthy event.

Although the families were poor and the homes were not as clean or modern as Western homes, I never felt uncomfortable or unhappy. I always ended my visits with a much deeper appreciation of the wonderful albeit hidden nature of the Chinese people.

Traveling in China is challenging at best.

Some Final Tips

Train tickets are sold out before the ticket window opens, bus rides are long and cramped, timetables unreliable. Finding hotels and restaurants is often made easier with the help of locals, but occasionally requires great effort due to language barriers.

Communication is undoubtedly the biggest barrier for foreigners traveling in China. Although Chinese students are required to study English, many of them do not speak well or are afraid to speak. Learning Chinese is a must for foreigners, and all attempts at trying to speak this most difficult language are greatly rewarded.

Nonetheless, even a working knowledge of the language does not necessarily mean an easy trip; yet, the effort required to travel is well worth it. China has a fascinating culture with a long, rich history and people from a variety of backgrounds.

The lifestyle in China is also one that can be frustrating for a Westerner, but once understood and accepted, fully enjoyed. Most of the country shuts down from noon until 2: As a result, the afternoon is cut in half, and the remaining time is slow, since people are just waking up.

Chinese society guarantees workers a job for life, extra effort is not often rewarded, and there is little personal motivation to excel. Yet people are unencumbered by watches, deadlines, and annual reviews, so they are much more relaxed and free.Writing I’m the principal editor of a book told from the perspective of consumers, patients, and caregivers about their health journeys and how healthcare could be different if truly designed from the perspective of patients and caregivers.

In , after studying hundreds of bentwood boxes and chests, he published Northwest Coast Indian Art: An Analysis of Form. This book is a foundational reference on northern Northwest Coast Native art.

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joe schneller bentwood writing services

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joe schneller bentwood writing services

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