Imnci chart booklet

Ethiop Med J,Vol. Most of these deaths can be avoided with timely and appropriate care, but access to and use of treat- ment remains inadequate.

Imnci chart booklet

Developments related to child health Oral Rehydration Therapy There is also a need to simultaneously increase the number of sanctioned posts.

IMNCI excludes Imnci chart booklet skills required at facilities to manage newborn and childhood illness. Referrals - 70 per cent of all deaths in under the age of 5 years in resource poor setting.

This package includes the following: The training is based on a participatory approach combining classroom sessions with hands-on clinical sessions. The activities of the coordination group would include the following: These trainers will be trained at State Nodal training institution Medical College.

Availability of essential drugs and functional equipment 3.

Number of sick young infants admitted and managed Sepsis, Asphyxia and Low birth weight 4. Number of sick children admitted and managed Severe pneumonia, Severe dehydration, Fever, Severe acute malnutrition 5.

Severely malnourished children detected should be linked with the RC being developed in the States. The funding will be based on the norms as applicable under the RCH Programme. Training of Trainers The trainers at state level include faculty from the departments of pediatrics and community medicine of the medical colleges.

The trainers at district level - pediatricians in the district. Districts with limited manpower - private paediatricians or retired teachers from the medical colleges trained in F-IMNCI.

Number to be trained Keeping in mind the participant to facilitator ratio of 1: Training Institutions Since training is mainly skill based, choice is regional or local medical colleges.

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Another benefit of selecting the medical colleges as regional training centre would be in the pre-service training of undergraduate students. In addition to medical colleges other centres including district hospitals and private centres can also be used for training provided they have the requisite clinical material and facilities for training available.

Faculty of Medical Colleges of departments of Pediatrics and Community medicine and District Pediatricians could be trainers. Adequate pool of trainers for each State would be around of Participant facilitator ratio should be 6: Equipments for training such as: Translation, printing and supply of training material: The soft copies of the modules, charts, booklets, videos and facilitators guides will be made available to the States for facilitating training under IMNCI.

Field-level Monitoring Support, Follow up and Coordination: Steps in the management of the sick child admitted to hospital: Summary of key elements Chart 2: Triage of All Sick Children Chart 3:Home» Project» NCHRC» Guidelines And Manual. NCHRC-Home Page. About NCHRC.

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Publications. Guidelines and Manuals. Our Partners. Contacts Facility based IMNCI. F-IMNCI Chart booklet. F-IMNCI Facilitator Guide for facility level/Inpatient care.

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F-IMNCI Facilitator Guide for community. UNIT 2: INTEGRATED MANAGEMENT OF CHILDHOOD ILLNESS (IMCI) Introduction. Attached to this unit, is the IMCI chart booklet. This booklet gives guidelines on the following: assessment, classification, identification of treatment of sick under fives and.

treatment. IMNCI chart booklet 2 () 1 () Register 4 and 5 6 () 5 () ICDS growth monitoring chart register 7 () 7 () *figures in the parenthesis are percentages As shown in table 3, family planning logistics like condoms, oral contraceptive pills and emergency.

& IMNCI Physician chart book & IMNCI photo book for Physicians & IMNCI facilitator guide & IMNCI indoor and out-patient guide & IMNCI video CDs B) Facility based care of sick newborns and children & Module1- Emergency Triage Assessment and Treat-ment (ETAT) & Module 2- Care of sick young infant.

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Imnci chart booklet

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