History of boustrophedon writing a business

You won't believe these 10 facts about people Boustrophedon is a writing technique in which lines of text run in alternate directions. This method of writing was used by many ancient cultures, and it continues to be used today in some regions of the world, albeit primarily as a curiosity in many cases.

History of boustrophedon writing a business

By analogythe term may be used in other areas to describe this kind of alternation of motion or writing. For example, it is occasionally used to describe the print head motion of certain dot matrix computer printers.

In that case, while the print head moves in opposite directions on alternate lines, the printed text is usually not in boustrophedon format.

In Rongorongo the text in alternate lines was rotated degrees rather than mirrored; this is termed reverse boustrophedon. Example of Hieroglyphic Luwian Hieroglyphic Luwianread boustrophedon into the faces of animals, or body parts some exceptions.

Starting at top right of the left stelelines 1, 3, 5, 7, 9 read right—to—left. The Egyptian languagerepresented with hieroglyph texts and wall reliefs, is the major hieroglyphic language from antiquity; the only other language that also had a hieroglyph version, was the Luwian language and its hieroglyphic Luwianread boustrophedon; [4] most of the language was in cuneiform.

history of boustrophedon writing a business

Other languages that appear to have hieroglyphs are explained as glyphs that make up a language with "script characters" or sets, with some characters that are virtually identical to varieties of hieroglyphs.

The Hieroglyphic Luwian is read boustrophedon, with the direction of any individual line pointing into the front[ meaning ambiguous: However, unlike Egyptian hieroglyphs with their numerous ideograms and logograms which show an easy directionality, the lineal direction of the text in hieroglyphic Luwian is harder to see.

Other examples A modern example of boustrophedonics is the numbering scheme of sections within survey townships in the United States and Canada. In both countries, survey townships are divided into a 6-by-6 grid of 36 sections.

Public Land Survey SystemSection 1 of a township is in the northeast corner, and the numbering proceeds boustrophedonically until Section 36 is reached in the southeast corner. Canada's Dominion Land Survey also uses boustrophedonic numbering, but starts at the southeast corner.

In art history, it additionally means that you read from bottom left in a series of pictures; as in the stained glass windows at Sainte-Chapelle in Paris.

history of boustrophedon writing a business

The Lost Empire is written in boustrophedon to recreate the feeling of flowing water. The written language of the Minbari in the television series Babylon 5 is written in boustrophedon. This is evidenced by the episode in which Ambassador Delenn is dictating a formal letter, and the computer dictation writes the alien script starting top-to-bottom and changing from right-to-left or left-to-right for each new line.The study of the history of handwriting may not have a direct effect on the examination and comparison of handwriting.

However, if a forensic in boustrophedon, a manner of writing which remained in use until the 4th century B.C. ROMAN CAPITALS Definition: Boustrophedon: Greek. Turning like an OX. The History of the Alphabet INTRODUCTION: Pre-Alphabetic Writing •the alphabet is everywhere you look in modern Western life – which makes it hard to remember that it was – early Greek writing: boustrophedon – .

WRITING TOPIC How to Write a Business History TIP – Don't reinvent the wheel but do look where you're driving. Why Have a History Reasons: Shows your stability Just that fact that a business has been around awhile shows the company is able. scribe, and the majority of the citizens could not read or write.

The Egyptians continued to use hieroglyphs for sacred writing, however, two writing styles followed the hieroglyphs; Hieratic writing and Demotic writing.! Definition: Hieratic: Developed about 2, B.C.

This was the cursive form of writing, as script is to printed letters. Boustrophedon Bou`stro*phe"don (), n. [Gr. turning like oxen in plowing; to turn.] An ancient mode of writing, in alternate directions, one line from left to right, and the next from right to left (as fields are plowed), as in early Greek and Hittite.

Chapter 16 Tasks A. Boustrophedon writing is a way of writing as each line goes in the opposite direction. For example: if the first line is written from right to left, then the second line is written from left to right, so on and so forth.

Boustrophedon writing was used during the Phoenicians and early Greeks period. B.

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