Essay about gothic architecture

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Essay about gothic architecture

When analyzing the building style use the terminology associated with the style for the architectural and sculptural elements.

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Use 3 examples in your answer. Gothic architecture originated in France during the 12th century and was a continuing advancement of Romanesque pilgrimage style which, in itself, was an evolution of the Roman basilica floor plan.

This style permeated throughout the European countryside and was the prominent look of the Gothic period into the 1 5th century.

Abbot Suger is credited with the design changes that occurred at the Abbey Church at St. Denis which gave birth to the Gothic architecture phase during this period. Gothic architecture was developed from a Christian perspective that gave rise to its most significant expression being predominant in churches.

Denis called divine luminosity and then incorporating that as a design element into the church in the form of stained-glass windows and more open floor plans.

The most outstanding characteristics of Gothic style were the use of light and its connection between structure and appearance. This equated to replacing the massive thickness of the walls from Romanesque architecture with thinner structures used for enclosure that could only support their own weight.

These taller, thinner walls tended to exert forces outward as they were no longer supported internally by columns and this gave rise to the xternal structural supports called flying buttresses. Wall paintings of the Romanesque churches were replaced by enormously gorgeous stained glass windows that allowed more light into the building, creating a sense of warmth and color to religious pilgrims and local congregations alike.

The most exquisite example of stained glass windows can be found at the cathedral in Chartres, France. This structure represented an ideal of harmony within its confguration and contents. Its style is accentuated by strong vertical lines representative of a connection to the high heavens above.

Gothic architecture first got its name during the Italian renaissance when the people considered all buildings of the Middle Ages barbaric and associated them with the savage Goths. With the passing of many centuries, Gothic became more clearly associated with the closing era of the medieval age /5(8). Gothic architecture was generally tall and inspiring and was a significant structural improvement upon the Romanesque buildings that preceded it. Even though the Gothic era roughly lasted two hundred years (12thth century), it was long enough to voyage deep into the beautiful and complex world of architecture. Gothic Architecture Essay Characteristics of Gothic churches and cathedrals In Gothic architecture, a unique combination of existing technologies established the emergence of a new building style. Those technologies were the ogival or pointed arch, the ribbed vault, and the flying buttress.

The rose windows used in his cathedral are primarily compositions of the Virgin Mary and Jesus. The rose windows represented more realistic and human characteristics of the Virgin Mary and portrays the strong religious power associated with her image and legacy.

Tracery was yet another Gothic architectural element and was used at Reims Cathedral in France. Early Gothic windows were originally narrow and utilized a pointed, rather than rounded, top.

The design advanced and the windows became much larger and structural supports were added into the framework to firmly hold the glass in place. These supports produced smaller pointed arches, circles and ther complicated shapes and this extra stone molding work inside each window was called tracery.

Tracery was most commonly used in cathedrals during the Gothic era tnat were 0T partlcular Importance to royalty tnrougnout France ana England The combination of elements and symbolic components infused into this architectural style are representative of some of the greatest artists and masons in the history of the world.

Gothic cathedrals imbue the strong pious influence that God, clerics and leaders held in society during this time and how their religious visions were brought to fruition to venerate their beliefs.CHAPTER I.

ON THE ORIGIN OF THE GOTHIC STYLE OF ARCHITECTURE. THE Gothic style of architecture has long possessed a high rank in the estimate of ecclesiastical taste, and has drawn forth no small share of, erudition in the various attempts made by European writers, to trace its derivation.


Essay about gothic architecture

FOR CHURCHES: DESIGNED CHIEFLY FOR THE USE OF THE CLERGY. BY JOHN HENRY HOPKINS, D.D. Bishop of the Protestant Episcopal Church in the Diocese of Vermont. BURLINGTON: PRINTED BY SMITH & HARRINGTON. Gothic architecture essay. Posted on November 18, by. Firstly secondly lastly essays geography of japan essays essay on current environmental issues appreciation essay.

Science and pseudoscience compare and contrast essay. So gothic architecture and renaissance architecture were both influenced by the particular politic, economy, culture and art of the time. After all, all architecture styles centered around the rulers' taste, and then influenced all the building style of that era.

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Free Essay: Gothic Architecture Have you ever noticed the style in the buildings of your city?

Essay about gothic architecture

Well the style comes from an antique type of architecture.

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