African moral values can complement christian moral values religion essay

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African moral values can complement christian moral values religion essay

The argument here is that behavioural patterns of the purely secular kind, which exist in more complex societies, were completely absent in traditional African societies, such that relationships between individuals in society only had a religious undertone.

This paper critiques the foregoing arguments and sees them as dubious and intellectually askew. The paper also takes a swipe at African intellectual elites who by their type of scholarship have given vent to the biased ideas expressed by the ill-informed European social anthropologists.

African scholars have remained limited in their understanding of the African social predicament. Their emphasis has been restricted, largely, to matters that border on governance and the crisis of political legitimacy in Africa, etc. Ethical issues have in the main, been neglected by African intellectual elites.

Part of the concern of this paper is to call attention to this neglect with a view to correcting it. Was there anything resembling a moral order or an ethical system in traditional Africa similar to what existed in Europe, Asia or the Americas, at that period in the history of the world?

Africa is an ahistoric continent even though it has a geographical location. The people live in a condition of mindlessness barbering without laws and morality. Most European scholars, dating back to the period of slave trade, have had some slide thing or the other to say about the Negroid race.

Renowned thinkers such as J.

African moral values can complement christian moral values religion essay

Rousseau, David Hume and Immanuel Kant all had uncomplimentary things to say about the black person. While acknowledging the monstrosity of European rule over colonized peoples, Marx was however tepid and tendentious in his assessment of the colonial situation.

It is like saying that the white settlers in Zimbabwe and South Africa were justified in dispossessing the black majority of their farm lands because it helped expose the natives to modern methods of farming! Or that Hitler was right in eliminating millions of Jews because it helped liberate the Jews from the haughtiness of racial superiority or exclusivism!

To argue that way is to be engaged in bad logic or mere intellectual shenaniganism.

About the author In spite of the philosophical inquiries or analyses undertaken by individual moral philosophers regarding morality i. What individual moral philosophers, through their critical analyses and arguments, try to do is to explain, clarify, refine, sharpen, or enlarge the understanding of the concepts and issues of morality.
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Bigotry, hatred as well as racial prejudice are age-old problems that devalue our world and make light all human achievements.

In particular, the peculiar problem known as negrophobia i. The issues adumbrated above have been of a general nature. However, the paper has a specific focus, which is to examine the claim by European anthropologists and colonial historians that Africa lacked an ethical or, moral system before its contact with Western civilization!

The crucial issue in this discourse is to consider whether or not this claim is true; and whether there are historical or ethnological evidence to back up such a claim. We shall also consider whether this opinion put forward by the colonial historians is not in fact a harebrained assertion by some arm-chair scholars who lacked the basic knowledge of how traditional cultures operated.

But before we get into the discussion proper, we need to make a few general remarks on the meaning of morality and some other related concepts.

It is also concerned with the creation of a humane social environment without which those who live in society would hardly realize their goals and aspirations in life. It is for this reason that people are constantly exhorted to lead morally emulous lives because, as the argument goes, it is in living virtuously that human beings can give meaning to their social life and existence.Moral Values The imposition of moral standards, whether through formal legislation or community values, has generated fierce debate since ancient times.

The issue presented in this essay is whether all moral values are, in essence, subjective or whether certain moral values can be treated as objectively valid for all people. Moral values arrived at by man in the course of living are appropriated by and incorporated into religion.

In incorporating these values, religion strengthens and . Topic: The Impact of African Traditional Religious Beliefs and Cultural Values on Christian-Muslim Relations in Ghana from through the Present: A Case Study of Nkusukum-Ekumfi-Enyan traditional area of the Central Region.

Beliefs tend to be deep set and our values stem from our beliefs Values are about how we have learnt to think things ought to be or people ought to behave, especially in terms of qualities such as honesty, integrity and openness which when people are asked what are their values tend to be the main values.

Moral values, ethics, even spiritual beliefs are often compromised or purposely overlooked in subtle situations, extraneous circumstances, unplanned mishaps, stressful positions. Yet, when does this insincerity develop into a serious problem; especially when one looks at the religious issues and conflicts which derive from these predicaments.

Moral values are the standards of good and evil, which govern an individual’s behavior and choices. Individual’s morals may derive from society and government, religion, or self. When moral values derive from society and government they, of necessity, may change as .

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